A Low Down Dirty Shame

First the Viper — next the ‘Vette? Peter De Lorenzo explains why he’s worried:

In this new world order we’re living with – where the unions and Washington politicos will most likely be running General Motors right into the ground – I fear for the most iconic nameplate in the GM Empire, the Chevrolet Corvette.

In this doomsday scenario of a neutered GM, I see the company cranking out Shiny Happy Smiley cars that don’t sell to consumers who won’t care. And under this scenario of Not Good I see a great nameplate like Corvette and all of its glorious history – being kicked to the curb like yesterday’s news – unappreciated, misunderstood, unwelcome and unwanted.


The one car built in America by an American company that’s truly world-class — and sold at a profit! — could very well be killed by politics.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, two of the worst cars in the world get a new lease on life.


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