Finally an Issue You Can Really Get Behind

Nevada is looking into new ways of raising… revenue. Read:

A key state lawmaker has proposed a $5 tax on acts of prostitution in Nevada, where brothels operate legally in some areas, and a counseling agency for sex workers that would be funded by part of the tax revenue.

“We’re desperate to find money for essential government services, so I will go anywhere to do that,” Senate Taxation Chairman Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas, said todayin discussing his plan that by his estimate would raise at least $2 million a year from sex acts in the legal bordellos.

Coffin said the idea of getting taxes from the brothel business has been discussed for years but was rejected because “people weren’t willing to get their hands dirty” — even though the legal brothels volunteered to be taxed.

“I don’t know why people won’t recognize that we have a legal industry,” Coffin added. “I’m willing to go in and do the dirty work if no one else will.”

I’m sure Coffin will have to do lots and lots of research on this pressing issue, which touches deeply the lives of thousands of people. So much so, that it now requires an act of congress. Er, legislature. Anyway, the turgid point here is that they’ve finally found a way to tax thingy.