Lilliputian Defense

Progress on missile defense technology is coming along nicely — in India:

India continues to have success in developing its own anti-missile system. Recently, India conducted its third successful test, intercepting an incoming missile 75 kilometers up. The Indian BMDS (Ballistic Missile Defence System) actually consists of one radar system, and two different missiles. The Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) missile is used for high altitude interception, while the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) takes care of missiles that make it past PAD, and can deal with targets as high up as 30 kilometers.

India has been working on BMDS for a decade, and has bought radar and other technology from Israel. Because of the many successful tests, Indian expects to deploy the first BMDS batteries next year.

Freakin’ India is in the ballistic missile defense game now — and yet President Obama continues in his misguided insistence that BMD is “unproven.”

I’m starting to think the left hates missile defense for exactly one reason: a well-defended America is an America free to pursue her interests. Take that away, and we have to go begging to the UN, the EU, Moscow, Beijing, etc., for permission to get anything done. And that suits some people — our president included, apparently — just fine.