Let There Be Light

An LED lightbulb which lasts 60,000 hours and costs less than three bucks to manufacture? Bring it on!

We have very few incandescent bulbs left in our house. There are still a few ceiling fans upstairs we haven’t swapped out for low-energy Windward models — and they require regular-size dimmable bulbs. CFLs like that don’t exist. And three halogen bathroom fixtures we’re too cheap (and spoiled) to replace (they’re very pretty).


Otherwise, we’re a CFL bulb household.

Except for one — count it, one! — LED bulb. Our son’s nightlight is one of those kiddie lamps with a regular bulb on top and a tiny, low-wattage bulb in the bottom. Since it’s encased inside the base of the lamp, the included tiny bulb kept frying out. So I bought an LED bulb to stick in there.

Good news: It doesn’t get hot and will last for generations.

Bad news: If you hate the light CFLs put out, this LED is even worse. Actually, it’s bad by any measure. I don’t mind CFLs one bit, but that LED is just awful. And it wasn’t cheap, either.

So if the guys linked above have figured out a way to make cheap LEDs, that’s great. I just hope they’ve figured out a way to make them good, too.



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