Another Worthy Babe Cause

“Donations are starting to come in,” I boasted to my dear close personal lady friend, Miss Christina Hendricks.


“At least according to some comments from yesterday’s post and some emails I’ve received, people are really starting to give some much-needed money to Soldiers’ Angels.”


“Do you know who I am?” asked the little girl voice on the other end.

That’s when I realized I’d pulled up the wrong Christina on my speed dial.

“Miss Christina Ricci, my dear close personal lady friend,” I pleaded. “I’m sorry.”

“You do this to me all the time. Whenever you drunk dial that… redheaded hussy… you’re infatuated with.”

I told her, “I know things aren’t the same. But I’m doing good work now, trying to help Soldiers’ Angels deliver more than 150,000 care packages to our troops overseas, and all in time for Christmas.”

“In time for Christmas?” Miss Christina Ricci perked up. “That’s a tall order. I bet it takes a lot of money.”


“It does. And they really need to get moving. So do I — I’m going to make another donation.”

“If you do,” said my dear close personal lady friend Miss Christina Ricci, “then I’ll forgive you all those drunk dials. And maybe we could meet for a drink, or something, sometime. Sometime soon.”

She clicked off, and I clicked over to and made another donation. You should, too.


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