Here's What $15 25 34 75 Billion Buys You

The politicalization of the Detroit Three automakers deepens, thanks to race-baiting by Maxine Waters:

To satisfy Rep. Waters’ desire to protect African-American dealers, to exempt them from the inevitable cull, Chrysler, Ford and GM would have to discriminate against both rural dealers and well-managed non-minority-owned urban dealers.

Of course, that’s exactly what Rep. Waters wants. She wants to make any loans to the domestic automakers contingent on their continued support of dealers that are part of their problems in the first place. “Do you believe that if we are to rescue these big automobile manufacturers we should insist or include in our language support for the small independent dealers?”


In the modern world, it’s when you take the Danegeld that you’ll never be rid of the Dane. If you thought Detroit was badly managed by the automakers, wait’ll you see how Washington does.


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