Tomorrow on PJTV, I’ll be doing my all-time-second “Blog Week in Review” or whatever we’re calling it. It’s a fun segment, where I get to be even snarkier and, uh, glibber, than I do here at VodkaPundit.


No, really.

I’ve already got my Top (Bottom?) Ten blog moments for this week — but I just know there’s some good stuff I missed. So if you read something really deeply stupid on a blog this week (mine included), please send me a link. Lefty blog, righty blog… it’s all good. Although lefty nuttiness is usually preferred.

And if I select your suggestion, you’ll get mentioned on live television! And, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free VodkaPundit mug! Or panties! And they won’t necessarily be crotchless!

All kidding aside, I am looking for good stuff that I’ve missed — and you will get a mention and there really will be a monthly drawing for the mug. Or panties, which won’t necessarily be crotchless. So go on and leave me a comment and a link.

You know you want to.


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