Arachnids in Space!

In space, no one can see you weave:

“The web was more or less three-dimensional and it looked like it was all over the inside of the spider hab,” said NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus, the space station’s science officer. “We took some pictures of it, so hopefully they will turn out.”

“So it was more of a tangled, disorganized-looking web rather than the standard, like ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ kind of web?” asked Mission Control.

After all, the fictional spider Charlotte from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White was an orb weaver spider, too.

“There was no symmetry that was noticeable in it,” Magnus replied.


Apparently, microgravity isn’t enough to let spiders know which way is up. Also, if there’s an astronaut on board named Peter Parker, I’m going to totally freak out.


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