Well [Bleep] Me Running

Varifrank comments:

Denver election board reports that results will not be available today:

Im revealing a small secret here for the folks: Election boards often dont count mail in ballots unless the election is close and usually only if one of the candidates pays for the processing. Why? Its costly and time consuming and if its not going to change the results then whats the sense of spending those manhours in an underfunded part of the local government structure?

Ah, but here we have the problem because if it is close, then you have to count them and its on your dime.

Good news:
Denver Election Board has tipped their hand, its closer in the blue parts of denver than they had expected it to be and mail ins will have to be counted.

Bad News:
This is not going to be over today. Someone get the caterers on the phone and someone get over to bevmo to refill Steves vodka supply.

Yeah, I need a drink.

UPDATE: Speaking of Frank, read this.