Same Old Same Old

Michael Barone on Obama’s New New Deal, which sounds a lot like a Rehashed Deal:

Obama seems determined to follow policies better suited to freezing the economy in place than to promoting economic growth. Higher taxes on high earners, for one. He told Charlie Gibson he would raise capital gains taxes even if that reduced revenue: less wealth to spread around, but at least the rich wouldn’t have it — reminiscent of the Puritan sumptuary laws that prohibited the wearing of silk. Moves toward protectionism like Hoover’s (Roosevelt had the good sense to promote free trade). National health insurance that threatens to lead to rationing and to stifle innovation. Promoting unionization by abolishing secret ballot union elections.


Funny he should use the word Puritans — I thought that applied to vicious right-wingers only. But let’s face it; there are buckled-shoe folks on both sides of the aisle.


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