Encouraging the Global Coolening

John Dvorak has some good news about lighting:

The current holy grail in the tech scene is the making of an LED that is cheaper, brighter, and better as a general lighting source than a fluorescent bulb. Well, researchers are now approaching this break-even point with not just LEDs but also the cheaper OLEDs. New technologies will achieve 120 lumens per watt. Fluorescents get 90 lumens per watt and incandescents get a mere 15. Many of these designs will produce light for decades.


We’ve spent a bunch of money the last couple years, converting over to CFL bulbs. The only places now that don’t have them are the super-ugly (but dimming) ceiling fan lights upstairs, and certain halogen bathroom fixtures. The fixtures are too expensive to replace, but those ceiling fans will get replaced by Energy Star models with efficient blades and fluorescent bulbs. Our energy savings each month has been noticeable, and has already (almost!) paid for all those CFLs.

If LED or OLED lights come down in price anywhere near CFLs, then we’ll happily start the process all over again.


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