Programing Note/Bedtime Story

Thanks to the magic of scheduled posting, I’m writing this Oh-Dark-Thirty blog before passing out, basking in the afterglow of the big town hall debate. And when I say, “basking in the afterglow,” I mean, “still cringing at the awful awful awful performances of John McCain, Barack Obama, and Tom Brokaw.”

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

On the other hand, after the whole hoot had nannied, I got to moderate a PJM Political All-Star panel of Glenn Reynolds, Jennifer Rubin, and James Lileks. Everybody — with the possible exception of my own inebriated self — was at the top of their game. You can hear the results on XM Radio Channel 130 tomorrow at 1PM Eastern. Or wait for the downloadable/streaming version at Pajamas Media later in the day. It was my first time hosting one of these things, and — as PJM producer Ed Driscoll promised me — it only hurt a little bit.

In the coming weeks and months, more changes are afoot. So many, in fact, they might be a-hand, too. Or something. To give you a preview: Today involved lots of blogging, a half hour of web television, a drunkblog, and a radio show. As things are developing, I’ll look back longingly at today as an easy one. And that’s no complaint. Rather, I’m quite excited. Fun as tonight was, it should be just a beginning.

And the best part? Glenn, Jennifer, and Lileks all agreed (at least in theory) to do this again after next week’s final debate. And Ed and I are going to do our damnedest to hold them to it.