How About Keyboard Locks for Irrational Columnists?

On Heller, the Washington Post’s Colbert King declares, “The thugs won.”

He doesn’t argue, doesn’t cite the Constitution, doesn’t mention any pesky facts — he just vents and shouts and embarrasses himself and his newspaper. Here’s a typical graf:

So now it has come to pass that D.C. residents can keep handguns, as well as rifles and shotguns, in their homes. A well armed, informal militia we shall be — ready to fire back in self-defense at the shooters who believed they had the right to their guns all along.

So guns are bad when criminals own them in violation of the law, and even worse when law-abiding city residents own them for sport or defense. King wants gun control to work, because he wishes it to work, even though he himself concedes that criminals “have been blowing away their fellow citizens with abandon since the law was put on the books 32 years ago.”

But gun control is good, because… well, because it just is.

And because Colbert King says so.

I wonder what he’ll say when DC’s homicide rate inevitably decreases…