Good Question

Bob Novak sees the Bradley Effect helping John McCain in November, no matter who wins the Democratic nomination:

If there really is a Bradley Effect in 2008, Zogby sees November peril ahead for Obama in blue states. John McCain is a potential winner not only in Pennsylvania but also Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and can retain Ohio. But there seems no way Clinton can overtake Obama’s lead in delegates and the popular vote. For unelected super-delegates to deprive Obama of the nomination would so depress African-American general election votes that the nomination would be worthless. In a year when all normal political indicators point to Republican defeat on all fronts, the Democratic Party faces a deepening dilemma.


Of course, Novak is quoting Zogby, which is always a perilous endeavor. Nevertheless, this should be a landslide year for the Democrats — and in fact I think it will be in the Senate, and maybe the House, too. But what does it say about a party that has every advantage, including two ideally representative candidates to choose from… neither of whom is exactly positioned to win?


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