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Dick Morris says Hillary’s big win yesterday “didn’t mean anything.” I have the feeling Morris is probably right — although I’ve predicted, I think, three of the last zero times Clinton has bowed out of this race.


But that sure doesn’t mean yesterday didn’t mean anything.

Obama is going to win North Carolina in a couple weeks, everybody knows that. But if Clinton can win in Indiana that same day the way she just won in neighboring PA, then there’s absolutely no reason for her not to go all the way to Denver. Because other than Kentucky and Montana, the remaining votes will be held in blue collar states where Clinton has done well all season.

Would you drop out if you had a real shot at winning six of the last nine contests?

Ten points is a big win, and it’s repeatable in Indiana. Even her fundraising should improve, if it hasn’t already. I don’t know if Clinton will survive until Denver, but she can sure as hell make the case for hanging on until the last vote in South Dakota on June 3.


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