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The Old Switcheroo

Here in gun-friendly Colorado Springs, Colorado College students protested our state's liberal gun control laws:

"Last year I had a very close and personal friend of mine from childhood die as a result of an accidental shooting," Colorado College student Angela Cobian said.

Cobian said her friend that was killed was only 17-years-old. She said the shooter should have never had a gun.

"I have always been a firm believer in good gun control and enforcement of our gun laws which is really important," Cobian said.

Angela helped organize the lie-in at Colorado College. 32 people representing Virgina Tech's 32 vicitm's lied down for three minutes in the middle of the school's commons.

Meanwhile, in freakin' Boulder some CU students there are taking a slightly different stance:

"We just want students to be able to point something other than a cell phone at a shooter in an assault situation," said Jim Manley, a graduate student at CU Boulder. "Right now students are defenseless in any situation that might happen."

I wish them luck.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, where are the calls for pipe and broomstick control laws?