Too Much to Swallow

Way back when, AOL bought Time-Warner, to form AOL/Time-Warner. Not much later, everybody figured out that AOL was pretty much worthless, Time-Warner took back over, and dropped AOL from the name.


Now there’s this:

Yahoo Inc and Time Warner Inc are “closing in” on a deal where Yahoo would merge with Time Warner’s AOL Internet unit, brushing aside Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo, a source familiar with the talks said on Wednesday.

Brush aside? No, not really. But there are two possibilities. Now that AOL is worth less than nothing, Yahoo! stock might become even cheaper for Microsoft to gobble up. Alternately, Microsoft might decide that AOL is a poison pill.

Now think way back to when AOL ruled the internet, and sued to keep Microsoft from automatically installing an MSN shortcut on your desktop.

What, you don’t remember MSN, either?


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