Global Warmening Update

If this is global warming, I’m going to buy a Hummer:

Eurasia is undergoing a sustained cold spell, as frigid arctic air moves farther south than usual, and stays there. Iran has had nearly a hundred people dying from the cold, and fuel supplies are running short, or even running out in some parts of the country. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is taking most of the blame. To make this very clear, supreme (religious) leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had a proclamation broadcast on national radio, commanding Ahmadinejad (who is subordinate, like everyone else, to Khamenei) to get fuel those parts of the country that have the worst shortages. Iranians are not happy with Ahmadinejad, now they are cold and unhappy.


Added bonus: Al Gore is now a weapon of mass destruction, and I’m not talking about the size of his butt. Just drop him out the back of a cargo plane, anywhere near enemy troops, and watch the Gore Effect freeze-dry them in place.


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