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'Tis the Season

With our annual Choliday Party* tonight, Melissa needed a little caffeine to get her going this morning -- which meant a trip to Starbucks for an iced chai latte. Fresh snow last night, so I volunteered to make the trip down icy Monument Hill in the Wrangler. I'm still not allowed to have coffee, but I'll cheat with the occasional half-caff.

Got to the front of the drive-up line, and the nice kid behind the counter told me the person in the car ahead had paid for my order. So I paid for the car behind me. With any luck, people are still in line down there, spreading a little Christmas spirit.

And let me tell you, there's nothing like a little forbidden caffeine to help with the holiday cheer.

*Chanukah + Christmas = Choliday. Put a little phlegm into the CH and you've got it.