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Yes, Pajamas Media has again agreed to have me drunkblog tonight's Republican Presidential Debate (8pm Eastern), the 87th of this season. With only 117 more to go, I'm pretty sure that, with a little smart Googling, you can find a pool going on how long until my liver gives out.

And on that note, Doug Mataconis has all the details you need to play along at home.

UPDATE: We here at VodkaPundit understand that you might rather watch tonight's little baseball game, than read along with a semi-pro pundit and his cocktails as he watches a bunch of guys in suits on TV pretend to beat each other up.

The fact is, tonight's ballgame will affect, at most, the people of three not-quite-huge cities. But the winner of tonight's debate could very well be eavesdropping on your phone calls or invading your sovereign nation in as little as 15 months from right now. So do yourself a favor and go with the real action tonight.