More positive news from Iraq:

This year, al Qaeda has seen Iraqis, especially Sunni Arab Iraqis, turn on them in growing numbers. The U.S. “Surge Offensive” begun earlier this year capitalized on that, and shut down more and more al Qaeda cells in Iraq. Worse, in the last few months, several key al Qaeda leaders were killed or captured, and many of their records, usually on laptop computers, were captured. U.S. forces have long had a drill for exploiting finds like this. The computer data is quickly gone over for names and locations of other al Qaeda operations, and within hours, more raids follow. Many American commanders are complaining of a shortage of al Qaeda targets to go after, which has made the Iranian backed Shia terrorist groups nervous enough to offer ceasefires and calls for negotiations.


As someone who vividly remembers the final decade of the Cold War, a “target-poor environment” ain’t exactly how the Army trained to fight.

Not that I’m complaining.


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