There's A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border IV

Sorry to have fallen behind on the Cabo San Lucas pictures. Busy week.

Anyway, this is the “cheesy Cabo” installment, which wouldn’t be complete without a shot from Sammy Hagar’s bar, Cabo Wabo:


We apparently missed seeing Hagar play by about half an hour on our first night in town, which would have been fun, but as Homer would say, “What’reyagonnado?” Big thumbs-down to the signature “Waboritas”; probably the worst drinks we had in all of Cabo, and certainly the most expensive. Memo to Sammy: adding Blue Curacao was a really, really bad idea.

Also very cheesy, but (admittedly) fun, was a booze cruise on the Buccaneer Queen, which is basically a floating prop from a bad Geena Davis movie that’s been converted into a tourist trap:


Once onboard, you’re treated to a performance from a bunch of locals in “pirate” gear, which isn’t the worst cheesy floor show I’ve ever seen (at least as long as they were serving complementary drinks):


During the cruise, we went by Pedregal, apparently the vacation home of many, many very rich and famous types. If you can believe a bunch of Mexican tourist-show pirates, the houses in this picture are owned by, among others, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, and Sylvester Stallone:


And last, but certainly not least… I don’t normally take requests, but when Den Beste calls, you gotta accept the charges. Spring Break is one of Cabo’s busy seasons, and it was just getting started when we were in town. I note for the record that my wife pointed out this boat to me as we were on our way back into the harbor: