Don't Dis the White Boys

You might want to read Ryan Lizza’s just-published piece in The New Republic. Lizza looks at “Hillaryland,” otherwise known as the staff and advisors of Clinton’s senate office and presidential election campaign. (There does seem to be some small difference between the two.) It’s obvious from Lizza’s story that Hillary has put together an impressive machine – maybe the largest and most dedicated in Senate history.


That said, something in the second graf really got under my skin. Detailing Hillayland’s start-up days in the White House way back when, Lizza writes that

Bill Clinton staffers regarded the dwellers in Hillaryland as Kool-Aid drinkers with awful political judgment. Hillarylanders saw Bill’s people as showboats and referred to them dismissively as the “white boys.”

As a white boy myself, I don’t really want to get dismissed just because of my color and sex. I wonder how Lizza would have played that, if it were President Bush’s people dismissing Laura’s staff as “barefoot baby makers.”

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