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One-Party System

Alexandra von Maltzan accuses DailyKos of being a mouthpiece for the Kerry '08 Campaign - among other things.

Me, I think Kerry (or some other Democrat) will position himself to be a mouthpiece for the DailyKos '08 bid to finally and fully take over the Democrat Party. Markos can rally the troops and raise lots of money, and it would take a stupid pol not to at least take a look at what Kos has to offer.

Wow - from blogger to kingmaker in six short years. That's quite a feat for Kos, and a disaster-in-the-making for the Democrats. Look at the state of the party today, as witnessed by the hypocritical-yet-hapless Alito hearings. It's pretty obvious what the Democrats need is less condescension and more common sense - two things they're unlikely to find from the DailyKos crowd.

In other words, I overestimated Kos when I called him a "kingmaker." Nominee-maker, perhaps, but that's as far as his candidate is likely to travel.