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Tim Peters has some thoughts on the London attack:

One of the root causes of terrorism has not and is not being addressed either by the MSM or by the G-8. That’s Saudi Arabia and it’s financing of these terrorists. Despite all the protestations to the contrary by the Saudis and averyone else, including Bush, Saudi is the main funder and supporter of AQ and it’s international terrorist network(s). When will we acknowledge the obvious and deal with it?


Good question. Got one I can answer?

The AQ network in Iraq also executed a kidnapped Egyptian envoy today. They’re learning a little since they didn’t video his beheading. Can anyone at this point even jokingly sympathize with their “cause” anymore?

Well, sure – hasn’t George Galloway pretty much already done so? Although I haven’t (yet) read any idiots asking “Why did they bomb London, where so many anti-war people live? They should have gone after Midland, Texas or some evil Red State place.”

I am willing to bet a bottle of the best vodka around that after the perfunctory professions of horror and detestation, the left, both here and abroad will be blaming Bush and any allies we have for bringing this upon themselves. Just give it about 5 days to a week and see.

Five days? Try five minutes. Head over to DailyKos (no link, sorry) to see what I mean.


I just hope that this horrible tragedy wakes up many Britons who were kidding themselves about this war and the nature of their enemy. Appeasement is no solution. As Churchill said and Steyn reiterated, “appeasment is just hoping that the crocodile eats you last.”



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