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I Hate Dealing With Crooks

We need a new termite treatment and bond. So I take an hour and a half off of work today to meet with one weasel--uh, I mean, inspector, who sits down at my kitchen table to give me his spiel, including a long and very specific bit about how his company's bond is better than his competitions', because "we don't just cover structural stuff, we cover the contents, too, you know, cabinets, books, anything else that might get damaged, where those guys don't."

Then, after I got rid of the guy, I read his contract, which says, "This Agreement provides for repair of structural damage only. It excludes damage to the contents of the Property."

Do these jackasses assume that nobody's going to read the contract? You don't want to carry some coverage or another, fine. Frankly, I'm not really worried about termites eating my books. But don't sit there in my house and lie to my face.

Sumbitch had the most expensive price, too. Into the trash his quote goes. [/yoda]