A Call For Abuse

Over the last couple of weeks, it’s been obvious that one of my email addresses has been harvested by a spammer, and a particularly stupid one at that. I’m getting at minimum five copies of various Nigerian “please help me move millions of dollars” scams a day, as well as a few “you’ve just won a lottery you’ve never heard of” announcements sprinkled in.

I generally delete these wastes of bandwidth as soon as they show up, but the latest is a new low, even for spam-scams. Check it out:

Dear Friend,

I got your email address from the Internet and please do
not feel bad about this message more especially as I am
from Iraq. I am a widow of one of the former senior
managers of the Iraqi State Oil Organisation in charge
of the United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme.
My Husband and three of our four children were killed
in the U.S. led military campaign during this crises
period leaving my little daughter. Before the dead
of my husband, he reveals to me that he deposited a
luggage containing 12 million US dollars as family
valuables with a local security company here in Baghdad.
What I want is that I need you to help me
receive this luggage when it arrive Europe.
The security company has agreed to help transfer
the luggage to Europe and that I need somebody
to receive it for me since I am not free to travel now.
Please note that this doesn’t involve any risk.
All I need from you is honesty and a promise
not to betray me after you receive the luggage.
Please note that I have decided to take this risk
because the new Iraq government is investigating
all the managers that work at the oil for food
program and I stand to lose the entire fund if I
don’t relocate them.
Note that for security reason, I will not disclose
my identity until you respond to this mail. I look
forward to hear from you soon and I will provide
you with more details.
Thank you.

Personally, I think this particular scumbag deserves to get abused. The address is [email protected]

Y’all have fun…