Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

More on the jailed Iranian bloggers:

TEHRAN, Feb. 22 (UPI) — A newly-formed Internet bloggers group is urging its members around the world to seek the release of two imprisoned Iranian bloggers.

The Committee to Protect Bloggers is asking those with blogs — or Web logs — to dedicate their sites Tuesday to the “Free Mojtaba and Arash Day,” reports the BBC.

The call is in support of Arash Sigarchi and Mojtaba Saminejad, who are imprisoned in Iran. Iranian authorities are clamping down on blogs, which are free sites through which people publish thoughts and opinions.

The group has a list of actions it says bloggers can take, including saying nothing on a blog except ‘Free Mojtaba and Arash Day’

“That would mean you could see that phrase 7.1 million times. That alone will shine some light on the situation,” says the group. “If you don’t have one, find one dedicated to that — it takes about 30 seconds.”


Can a few thousand blogs change the policies of the world’s most dangerous therocrats? I doubt it – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.


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