Democratic Response

Oh. Dear. God.

The response is from a mortician and a real estate saleswoman with too many tucks.

I’m not sure I can watch.

Not without another martini, anyway.


UPDATE: It’s time to kill the SOTU response. It’s lame. Just lame. And also it’s very lame.

I don’t care if it’s Gingrich coming on after Clinton, or the dead guy talking right now. It’s just bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. And also lame.

UPDATE: This guy makes Pelosi seem lifelike, and I don’t mean in a Death Becomes Her Way. Except that maybe I do mean it in that way.

UPDATE: Did he just say “groundhog?” Did I say “lame” already?

UPDATE: Look, kids, Big Ben and the House of Parliament!” I mean, “look kids, a red tie!”

UPDATE: I never thought I’d say this, but thank god Pelosi is on.

UPDATE: I take it back. Pelosi looks like someone the mortician just finished putting the makeup on.

UPDATE: Iraq isn’t finished yet! And we had battles and everything already! Quagmire! Exit strategy! I want to surrender to someone! France?

UPDATE: Allow me to paraphrase: Congress hasn’t spent money effectively; I’m a congresswoman.

UPDATE: Just a little more collagen above the upper lip, and she’ll look almost lifelike.

UPDATE: God! Veterans! It’s like me shouting: Church! Sobriety!

UPDATE: OK, so that happened. I didn’t feel like I was watching the response; I felt like I was rubbernecking.


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