Forty-Five Minutes

The Kerry campaign says they won’t have any statement before 10AM Eastern. The way the provisional ballots in Ohio are reportedly going, they could be getting ready to pull the plug.


Good for them, if so.

UPDATE: The AP’s Ron Fournier, who’s, er, not exactly a fan of the Bush Administration, reports:

Disheartened Kerry aides met to evaluate his options, with concession the talk of the day.

Nothing was settled or conceded in the first light of day, but Kerry faced a daunting task trying to deny Bush an electoral majority that was almost within reach. The Democrat’s campaign planned a statement by midday, advisers said. Two of them, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Kerry’s concession seemed simply a matter of time after one last look for uncounted ballots that might close the 136,000-vote advantage Bush held in Ohio.

Cue up the Roy Orbison. It’s over.

Mike Barnicle, appearing on Boston radio, reportedly says,

[T]he Kerry campaign will issue a “directional” statement this AM and that Kerry will give a concession speech this afternoon. This was based on his “discussions” with the Kerry folks, who Barnicle is tight with.

I’m assuming Barnicle didn’t crib that from George Carlin, of course…

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