Like Steve said, the previous hour or so of enforced silence is… YOUR FAULT!

Nah, not really; I’m sure every imaginable political site is getting record traffic today.


At any rate, Drudge notes that the early exit poll numbers which caused a considerable uproar over the last couple of hours were weighted 59-41 female. Now, that sounds like a rather fun neighborhood to be, er, polling in, but it ain’t an accurate reflection of the vote much of anywhere.

Stay tuned folks, stay tuned. Just take it easy on that refresh button every once in a while…

Micro-Update: These early exit polls may well be full of crap (and I don’t mean that as any reflection on the excellent Full Of Crap Blog), but parsing Drudge’s latest update is interesting. He’s saying Kerry has a 1%-ish lead in both Florida and Ohio–but then goes on to say those numbers are part of the 59-41 female-male split. If that’s accurate, Bush could actually be way ahead in both states.

Or not. Like I said: this early exit poll stuff is full of crap.

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