Sign O' The Times

Ed Lambert – a guy who knows a thing or three about space launches – sent this item:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Increased security at Kennedy Space Center reflects heightened fears of a terrorist attack before the Nov. 2 election, a NASA official said today.

There’s been “heightened interest to certain areas around the country,” said Cal Burch, chief of the Protective Services Office at KSC, “and we believe we are a highly visible target, as other major government facilities are around the country.”

Among the stronger security measures are armed bulwarks at the gates, more officers at the Visitor Complex and hands-on badge checks.

Burch said he couldn’t confirm a specific threat, but the general concern is tied to the election. National security officials have been warning for months of a possible terrorist attack tied to the vote.

It’s not clear how long the realignment of security forces at the space center will continue, Burch said.


NOTE: Ed, tell your IT guy to tone down the spam protection at LockMart. Most of my emails to you get bounced back to me. What problem could a giant defense contractor have with some simple talk about sedition?