Rated PG for Mild Language

Senator Richard Lugar is just too – well, senatorial to tell John Kerry to get stuffed:

Lugar is a gentleman of the old school, not inclined to call up Kerry and tell him to knock it off. Speaking Oct. 15 in Carmel, Ind., Lugar said it is ”very, very unfortunate” that Kerry is ”trying to stir up waters when we, in a very bipartisan way, on the Foreign Relations Committee support our troops.” In Culver, Ind., on Oct. 17, he said: ”It does infuriate all my friends, and they wish that somehow or other I could seize Sen. Kerry and tell him, ‘Don’t do it.’ ”

Lugar was more blunt with me last week. ”The use of my remarks is an attempt to shore up a weak position on his [Kerry’s] part,” he told me, adding that Kerry ”has tried to extend the failing of reconstruction to a more general criticism of the war.”

Three quick comments.

1. It’s (not at all even close to) a wonder that no major media outlets have picked up on Kerry’s usurpation of Lugar’s good name.

2. Who says the reconstruction is a failure? It’s too soon to tell, for starters. And for enders, things in 85% of Iraq are going pretty damn well.

3. I’m not senatorial at all. So: Hey, Kerry – get stuffed.