Shop Talk

Big thanks to Karol Sheinen. If you don’t know her blog – Alarming News – already, then check it out. Almost as important, Karol scored a couple of VIP tickets for Melissa and myself to the Bush rally here in Colorado Springs. I haven’t been to one of these things in years, and it ought to be fun.


Also hadn’t been inside a campaign HQ since my college days. Karol’s working for the Pete Coors campaign, so I dropped by her office this afternoon to pick up the tix. I was curious to see how much an HQ had changed in 16 years. Answer: Not much.

Even on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the offices this close to Election Day are still packed with volunteers. Some painting signs, some huddled in brainstorming sessions, some working the phones. The computers are newer, but strung together just as haphazardly. Most everything is improvised, but no one seems to mind.

The only major change I noticed, of course, was the giant Karl Rove hologram, set on a dias in the middle of the vast Communications Bunker. He clasps his hands and cackles under his black hood as he issues orders to crush the puny rebellion, once and for all. It’s an impressive sight, really. The hologram technology just didn’t exist the last time I visited an HQ during the Bush/Dukakis campaign. Although I understand Lee Atwater did have a primitive version involving thousands of FM radios with his picture taped to them, and a suped-up Mr. Microphone.

Anyway – thanks, Karol. We’ll see you Tuesday.

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