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Broken Promise

Wrap-up thoughts will have to wait until I'm more awake (not much sleep the last two nights) and coherent (did I mention that last martini packed a punch?) tomorrow morning. Also, there are so many other comments from around the blogosphere to digest that it'll take some time. But I'll give you the short version, with as little bias as I can muster.

Bush gets a B- for content, and a C+ for delivery.

Kerry also earned B- for content, and a solid B for delivery.

Neither guy scored any big hits, although Kerry landed more jabs. That's disconcerting (although not very surprising) since Kerry left himself wide open for three or four knockout uppercuts.

Kerry annoyed me more than Bush did - and that's saying something.

Kerry won on points, which probably was enough to shore up his weakened support in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. But I doubt it was enough to make much (if any) headway in former Blue States like Wisconsin or Iowa. In national polls, the race will probably tighten, but electorally we probably won't see much difference.