Rare Bird

Mysterious Unseen Veep Candidate John Edwards has been spotted in Ohio:

Sen. John Edwards on Monday chided the president for his handling of the Iraq war, but the brunt of his speech at a Bond Hill rally focused on domestic issues that resonate with the residents of this blue-collar, predominantly African-American neighborhood.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee from North Carolina spent most of his 30-minute speech at the Bond Hill Recreation Center talking about presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry’s plan to create jobs, provide health care for all Americans, and provide affordable, quality education.

In an almost certainly unrelated story:

A new Ohio poll out today shows President George W. Bush with an 11-point lead over Sen. John Kerry.

The poll from the University of Cincinnati shows Bush with 54 percent and Kerry with 43 percent. Ralph Nader has two percent. Just one month ago the same poll showed Kerry and Bush statistically tied. A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Ohio poll earlier this month showed a similar post-convention bounce for Bush.

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