Not a Scandal

There’s probably less to this story than meets the eye:

The Associated Press has learned a South Korean man who met with John Kerry’s fund-raisers was an intelligence agent for his country.

The A-P first reported this spring that the Kerry fund-raisers and donors had met with the man, who at the time was only identified as a diplomat.

The State Department says Chung Byung-Man’s contacts with donors and fund-raisers, if accurately described in reports, are “inconsistent” with the 1963 Vienna Convention. That accord prohibits visiting foreign officials from interfering in the internal politics and affairs of host countries.

There were at least three meetings with the man to discuss creating a political action group for Korean-Americans. The Kerry campaign says it was unaware Chung was an intelligence agent and it has returned all contributions involved.

Chung was found out, the money was returned – I don’t see a problem here.

(Thanks to reader Geoff G for the tip.)