A few links to keep you reading, while I put Star Wars in the DVD player.

Election Projection (the Republican site) has Bush up 328 to Kerry’s 210. (the Democrat site) calls it 327-211 for Bush.


GeekMedia, which uses the TradeSports results, has a narrower Bush victoy, 284-243 – with Iowa and New Hampshire too close to call.

Even Jonathan Alter is giving advice to Kerry, a link which I should have filed under the “Abandon Ship!” series.

Rasmussen’s tracking poll shows Bush up almost 3. They’ll have their EC projection up at 5pm Eastern.

Lawyers don’t get no respect in Denver.

Dan Rather sort of apologizes, and Eric Raymond fisks it.

Stephen LaPerla tells me the NYTimes buried the lede – to the results of their own poll. You have to click to the second page to find out they think Bush leads by 9.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to do some serious geeking out.

UPDATE: link is fixed.

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