In Seattle for a business meeting. Checked into my hotel, walked around the corner looking for a cafe with free wireless, and wound up at the city library (brand-new and very nice; I’m typing this from near the Microsoft Auditorium–hopefully I won’t get booted out for using an iBook).

The DNC has college kids staked out all up and down the sidewalk. Their pitch to passers by: “Would you like to learn about defeating George Bush?”

I’m not in the habit of giving advice to the DNC, but the thought that keeps coming to my mind is, these guys have forgotten 1996. Remember that one? War hero nominated by the out-of-power party, but that party’s entire focus was on how much they couldn’t stand the incumbent. And they got shellacked.

Hatred didn’t beat Clinton, it didn’t beat Reagan, and what the hell, it didn’t even beat Richard Nixon.

At any rate, it’s sunny and beautiful outside, and I don’t have any meetings until tomorrow morning. I’m off to dodge the DNC gauntlet and start enjoying myself.