Simon Says, "I Scoff."

I missed Roger L. Simon and the Blogfaddah on Hugh Hewitt’s show today (I would say I have no excuse, since Hugh is now on a decent frequency in Atlanta–but I do have an excuse: I was grilling eggplant and veal cutlets for my wife). Have to catch the replay. In the meantime, Simon says:

Hugh wanted to know if Glenn and I thought the mainstream media (other than Fox) were going to deal with this story thoroughly. We both thought it would take a few days for them to get their fingers out of their ears, but that they had little choice.

After watching the rountable on Brit Hume’s show (via my trusty ReplayTV), I’m guessing he’s right. Both Mara Liasson and Juan Williams–both NPR reporters and neither members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy–readily agreed that Kerry needs to explain his Cambodia story, and that Kerry’s Vietnam record deserves as much press scrutiny as Bush’s National Guard service.

Early spin prediction, based on Williams’ commentary: Kerry will assert that he thought he was in Cambodia, but didn’t find out that he wasn’t until after 1992, when he published a letter to the Boston Globe recounting how being in Cambodia on Chistmas Eve of 1968 was ‘seared into his memory.’ It’s lame, but it might give him an out with the press.

How Kerry explains away blaming Richard Nixon for his being in/near Cambodia nearly a month before Nixon actually took office, I have no idea.