Mail Bag

Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Green,

I apologize for the pseudonym, but as I currently work for the U.S. government, I am not comfortable using my real name, even though the information is unclassified.

I haven’t seen this anywhere, although it’s possible I’ve missed it. A reading room is a room within a SCIF (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility, also sometimes called a vault), where very few people have access.

The documents Sandy Berger was reading – and the ones that disappeared – were at a higher level than most people with a regular TS-SCI clearance could have access to. The point of a reading room, then, obviously, is to keep that information separate from non-SAR (Special Access Required) material.

Also, at least at the facility I’m at, we have to do what’s called a “two person check” before taking even unclassified information out of the SCIF. Two people (one can be yourself) must verify that the information is marked properly and that it will not leave secure areas without a courier card if it’s classified. To say the least, violations get you in lots of trouble.

I enjoy both your sites immensely. As an intelligence analyst, information that isn’t found in the unreliable mainstream media is essential, and while your analysis isn’t always correct, it’s still extremely valuable. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.