Beat Surrender

I’ve castigated the Philippines’ Arroyo government time and again for caving into terror.

I didn’t know the half of it:

A ransom of $6 million was offered and paid out to the Iraqi rebels holding Filipino truck driver Angelo de la Cruz hostage, to ensure his release before President Arroyo’s scheduled State of the Nation Address (Sona) on July 26, a high level Philippine intelligence officer told the Tribune yesterday.This offer was alleged to have been approved by the President herself, who then tapped Malaysian emissaries for the job, the intelligence officer, who asked for anonymity, said.

So. The Coalition has lost 50 humanitarian workers in Iraq, and an al Qaeda-affiliated group has six million dollars in cash. It’s time to recognize a new Coalition, one initiated by the new Spanish government. We’ll call it the Coalition of the Prostrate.

Give a lukewarm welcome to the Philippines as the newest memeber of the club.

(Hat tip to Zomby Boy and Michelle Malkin.)