It's An Ill Wind That Blows No Good (huh huh, he said "blows")

I really didn’t mean to make this a full afternoon of Euro-blogging, but here’s solid evidence that not all EU voters had their heads stuck where the sun don’t shine:


George Galloway’s attempt to enter the European parliament with his anti-war party Respect ended in failure last night.

The former Labour MP secured 91,175 votes but was beaten by Labour and the Conservatives, who each picked up three seats, and the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, who each secured one, as well as the UK Independence party, who will send Gerard Batten to Strasbourg.

Mr Galloway needed 115,000 votes to get a seat.

Don’t hang your head too low, Georgie. Sixth place really isn’t all that bad–that is, if you’re Vanderbilt.

Hat tip: The Mighty Tim Blair.

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