Strange Days Indeed

Guess who’s getting serious about cracking down on terrorists? Read:

Explosions and gunfire broke out in the diplomatic quarter of Damascus, the Syrian capital, Tuesday night in what officials described as a confrontation between security forces and a group of unidentified attackers.

Witnesses said more than a dozen blasts sounded soon after nightfall in the Mazza neighborhood of western Damascus, home to a number of embassies and a former U.N. building that might have been the prime target. Syrian security officials immediately sealed the area around the Canadian and Iranian embassies, as well as the residence of the British ambassador, where the clash involving grenades and rifle fire played out over most of an hour.


For Syria, the recent violence is a case of reaping what they sow. Really — how long did they expect to create terror cels, without any of them coming back to bite Assad on the ass?


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