". . .at least equal, if not slightly better, than in Europe."

Here’s some cheery progress from an unexpected front:

The ninth annual Index of Leading Environmental Indicators shows that the environment continues to be America’s single greatest policy success. Environmental quality has improved so much, in fact, that it is nearly
impossible to paint a grim, gloom-and-doom picture anymore.

Environmental quality is improving steadily and in some cases dramatically
in key areas:

Average vehicle emissions are dropping about 10 percent per year as the
fleet turns over to inherently cleaner vehicles, including modern SUVs.
Ninety-four percent of the population is served by water systems that have
reported no violations of any health-based standards.

There has been a 55-percent decline in toxic releases since 1988, even while
total output of the industries covered by this measurement has increased 40

Despite most popular assumptions, U.S. air quality trends are found to be at least equal, if not slightly better, than in Europe.


Damn that Bushitler, for bashing Kyoto. Why, we could have had identical results, perhaps even marginally better — and at a much greater cost and with lots more government.

Stupid Republicans.


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