Required Reading

I’m back after a lousy week, so I’ll start off easy with some Required Reading. Today it’s Jackson Diehl, writing in the Washington Post:

Critics who still chastise the Bush administration for failure to “engage” with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seem not to have noticed that over the past several months the White House has been more deeply involved in trying to broker a breakthrough than at any time since President Bill Clinton’s Camp David summit in the summer of 2000. The outcome of these mostly secret and underreported parleys will begin to emerge this week, with the latest visit to Washington of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon — and the result could be President Bush’s commitment to another Middle Eastern gambit that is as risky as it is bold.


The Bush Administration’s involvement is all news to me — and I read damn near everything. Now go read the whole thing yourself to find out all the juicy details.


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