Demolition Derby

My buddy Dave Muck forwarded this story:

Workers are drilling holes into the two bridges at Interstate 225 and Interstate 25 so that on Saturday they can be imploded. The explosions are considered the fastest and cheapest option since the bridges are too tall to tear down.

We’ll end up drilling about 320 holes in two structures. Each will have an explosive charge put into it,” said Scott Gustafson with Demtech. “The whole blasting sequence only takes a 6/10th of a second. The rest of it is up to gravity. Gravity will bring it down.”

The bridges that are impacted are the old flyover bridge from southbound I-25 to northbound I-225, and the old lanes of northbound I-25 underneath (pictured, above).

T-REX crews will stop traffic on I-25 near 225 at 7 a.m. Saturday. They hope to reopen it within about 15 minutes but drivers are to expect at least a 30-minute delay.


Sounds like a fun show. If you’re in Denver, you might want to watch.


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