Mort Kondracke explains why John Kerry needs to choose his Veep wisely:

Although Democrats invariably say their party is “pumped” to beat President Bush, primary election turnout numbers don’t confirm it – a factor Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) might consider when he selects his running mate.

Total Democratic turnout in the 30 primaries and caucuses through Super Tuesday was 8,854,490, according to one GOP analysis, well behind the 11,280,625 recorded during 21 Republican contests in 2000, when Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) was challenging George W. Bush.


Kondracke then explains why bipartisan wet-dream John McCain won’t be Kerry’s running mate, and why Hillary Clinton just might be:

Would Sen. Clinton do it? Why not? She’d be doing her party a big favor, enhancing her already-formidable claims on the 2008 nomination if the ticket lost. And, if it won, she’d have the 2012 nomination for the asking.

Read the whole thing.


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