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OpinionJournal says the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for Ralph Nader. Read:

Ralph and Ready

It's also amusing to see liberals suddenly appalled by the Nader phenomenon they have done so much to create. On NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, Mr. Nader railed as ever against "corporate" interests, a line he began 39 years ago when he launched his first media campaign against the Chevrolet Corvair.

Mr. Nader is best understood as the inventor of today's nexus of liberal politics and trial-lawyer opportunism. His network of organizations have long been suspected of taking trial-lawyer cash, but it is impossible to tell because Mr. Nader refuses to disclose their financial backers. Yet just like Senators Kerry and Edwards he denounces the influence of sinister "special interests." It's a little ungrateful for Mr. Edwards to now upbraid the man who did so much to make the Senator's own fortune and political career possible.

They make a good point, but it's a little obscured by Nader's bedroom eyes in OJ's portrait of him.