You Will Not Be Assimilated

See how much simpler life is without a First Amendment:

An overwhelming majority of France’s National Assembly has voted to ban religious emblems in state schools, a measure Paris wants to keep tensions between Muslim and Jewish minorities out of public classrooms.

Deputies voted 494 to 36 on Tuesday to ban Muslim headscarves, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses from state schools and threaten pupils who insisted on wearing them with expulsion.

The government insists the ban does not single out any religion, but cabinet ministers admit its main targets are the Islamic headscarves and anti-Semitic remarks from Muslim pupils that teachers say have become more frequent in recent years.


Most of the increase in anti-Semitic violence in France is caused by its unassimilated, jobless, and angry Muslim minority. Yet giving them a legitimate complaint — the legal banning of modest headwear — is supposed to help the situation?


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